Ending the Silent Suffering of Our Nation's First Responders

The Resiliency Project mission is to provide peer support, advocacy and funding for treatment, recovery and psychological services in an effort to treat post traumatic stress, build resilience and end suicide. 

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Let's support our Heroes who put their lives on the line every day for strangers.

Watch a short video to learn more about the story behinf why we started. This story is not unique and unfortunately applies to thousands across the country.

Our history

How it all started

Our founder, Nick Wilson, was a police officer for 13 years before medically retiring due to injuries he sustained in the line of duty. He led many long term investigations, was a SWAT Team Operator, Field Training Officer and worked at a Department of Homeland Security task force investigating terrorism activities. Throughout his career he has planned, led and conducted hundreds of law enforcement investigations under some of the most challenging conditions involving organized crime syndicates, homicides, undercover operations, TIII Wiretap Investigations, Gang/RICO and transnational/multi-jurisdictional crime. Due to the excessive exposure to trauma, Nick found himself with a PTSI diagnosis which led to self medication to sleep, a DUI and rehabilitation. His story of resilience and fighting for his life has been the foundation of our story and efforts to advance mental health in law enforcement. Nick founded The Resiliency Project to break stigmas and give back to our First Responders so no one else has to suffer in silence.  

Our Programs

Dedicated to your survival.
You are not alone.

Our purpose developed from countless hours of conversation with struggling first responders whose cups were full. We understand hesitations our first responders experience when seeking help for peer support and advocacy. We understand the barries that exist for first responders in this treatment adverse industry. From retaliation, to organizational betrayal and peer acceptance, we know the complications you face. Our goal is to provide a confidential pathway toward treatment to help you thrive and find you way back with a new lens through which you see the world.

24/7 Peer Support

 We provide free, 24/7, confidential peer support for our nation’s first responders. Your support begins with your commitment to fight for your life.


Officers are experiencing hostile work environments, retaliation, terminations and unjustified prosecutions. Our team will review your case upon submission.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is ramped in a first responder profession. We understand your need for culturally competent service providers to ensure your success.


Our team will work tirelessly to ensure the best mental health outcomes for you as you find your way back and reclaim your life. You deserve that.

Our commitment

Confidential Peer Support Nationwide


No donation is too small

Your Contribution Brings Hope To Our Heroes

Your contributions have allow us to send first responders to clinicians, treatment and recovery programs or other service providers when insurance couldn’t cover their costs. We have responded to critical incidents to support first responders and fed departments during a time of crisis. We have worked collaboratively with our partners to ensure our first responders are supported.

Become a Volunteer

There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. Our volunteers are the heart and life of our organization and we are always in need of more.

Host a Fundraiser

 Raising funds allows us to pay for services to struggling First Responders we support. The more we raise the more we can help. Please contact us if you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser.

Become an Ambassador

A TRP ambassador is a person who embodies our mission, values, and ethics. In other words, you are a walking, talking, champion for our cause to prevent first responder suicide. If you believe in our mission and do not have enough time to join our team, you can still spread our message to promote mental health awareness for first responders. We need your help! Buy and wear our shirt, like or share our videos, host a fundraiser, spread good will.

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How You Can Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved to help first responders, please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Our Partners

Featured TRP Partners

Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

Patriotic Service Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on serving our military and first responder veterans by raising awareness for their needs and providing Service Dogs to those who may benefit from long-term mental and physical assistance. Through the efforts of Patriotic Service Dog Foundation our wounded veterans are matched with highly trained and skilled Service Dogs that allow their new partners to become more independent, self-confident, and comfortable with life outside of the military firefighter and law enforcement communities.

Bud's Odyssey Foundation

Our purpose is to improve the lives of Military Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTS and other mood disorders by providing innovative cost free neurofeedback/brain paint treatments. Neurofeedback is a technique that allows the brain to train itself to function at its maximum potential. Neurofeedback is a procedure that provides us a direct response as to how the brain is functioning. It is basically exercise training for the brain.

Bibles for LEO

Bibles for Law Enforcement Officers started as a dream in 2017 when our Founder and CEO David Kim who is a Police Officer in Massachusetts, Chaplain, and an Ordained Minister himself attended the NECC-Methuen Police Academy in Haverhill, MA. He trained with 61 police recruits from various departments in the state of Massachusetts. The training was an intensive six months program where each recruit’s skills were tested physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Sierra Education and Research Institute

The Sierra Education & Research Institute works diligently with families that have members in law enforcement. The stress of the job often leads to trouble at home not only for the officer, but for their spouses and children. SERI offers counseling for a number of purposes to the law enforcement community. Some have substance issues and some need help with trauma, family counseling, or any number of other psychological issues. Interns working for SERI may be called upon to provide individual therapy to these people.

it takes a village

Our first responders deserve the best and with your help, more can be reached and saved.

Your generous donations goes towards first responders we support; whether its financial assistance for treatment, counseling or other efforts, your contribution directly impacts first responders with our primary mission to prevent suicide.

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